All SDAA licenses expire on January 31 annually. Please complete your renewal on time, ensuring that you, your patients, and employer are properly protected.


Members must log in to the website and complete the online renewal process by clicking the Renew Now button. Please review your contact information and update it as appropriate. If you see revisions that are required that are not accessible to you, please notify our office staff. Please ensure that your professional development requirements are completed prior to renewal. Once you select your license type, you can pay your fees online. Please ensure that your payment is submitted promptly.


This is applicable to Lapsed Members only, and at this time you must contact the SDAA office for instruction.

Please keep in mind that the transfer time for these payments can be two to three days. Submit the online renewal form and pay securely online.

Request a Letter of Good Standing

A firm is in “good standing” if it has filed all required reports, obtained all necessary licenses and permits, paid all required taxes and fees, and complied with all other statutory requirements for operating the business organization. In essence, a letter of good standing attests to a company’s compliance with regulations.