• Ensure regulatory standards by adhering to the Regulatory Bylaws including CDAC accreditation, NDAEB examinations and standardized curriculum.
  • Initiate activities to ensure there are sufficient Registered Dental Assistants to meet and protect the needs of the oral health profession and public.
  • Elevate oral health awareness through:
    • interaction with first nations and immigrant populations. (actions include Diabetes Association, Indian/Metis Association involvement, Dental Day, oral health supplies, Tooth Fairy Kits to school library)
    • public education regarding the sugar content in soft drinks, juice, energy drinks, vitamin water, baby foods etc. (actions include Diabetes Association, Indian/Metis Association involvement, Dental Day)
    • education of health care professionals regarding dental disease resulting from dry mouth caused by various drugs. (actions include physicians & pharmacists, through collaboration within the Saskatchewan Oral Health Coalition)
    • Raise member awareness of the oral health ramifications of marijuana, drugs and alcohol usage.
  • Initiate a mental health initiative. (actions include funding counselling support, providing helpline contact information)
  • Provide all dental assistants in Saskatchewan access to educational programs and courses that encourage professional and personal growth that include the development of interpersonal and negotiation skills.
  • Ensure safe and ethical practice through licensure and encouragement to report scope of practice infractions. (actions include the circulation of the Competency Document whenever competencies change).
  • Expand workplace opportunities including long term care, public health initiatives and expanded function.
  • Investigate strategies to secure additional radiographic sensors for the dental assistant program to insure students have additional opportunities in radiography. (options include funding and seeking used equipment)
  • Ensure that the Implant Course Part II is made available to RDA’s in Saskatchewan.
  • Investigate a restorative module including local anesthetic for Registered Dental Assistants. (actions include having a prepared strategy for whenever the Act is opened [identification of science pre-requisites] / consider delegation opportunities)
  • SDAA is fiscally accountable.
  • SDAA manages through policy governance.
  • SDAA assess council for demographic balance and work towards appropriate succession planning.
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